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What Makes A Great Social Media Marketing Plan Work?

Social Media is a very exciting topic for a lot of people, especially for business owners and managers. Therein lies the problem however, companies get excited and they jump right into doing it. This is what creates so much confusion and frustration for them, after they jump in and post random links and images like they heard from somewhere online, they wonder where their results are. My question to them is, “What are your goals and how are you measuring?” Without knowing that, its hard to know if you are really achieving anything. This is why it is important to have a Social Media Marketing plan.

Sounds great; but how do I actually do it? I believe there are only 4 simple requirements to make a great social media marketing plan: research, strategy, execution, and maintenance. “Rsem” is an acronym I use for this, it is pronounced similar to “awesome” but with an “r” sound instead of the “awe” sound. If you get these basics of Rsem down you are well on your way to utilizing social media for your business instead of wasting time and resources with it.


Research, research, research! This is the most essential stage of setting a plan. Get to know your customers, what kind of results are realistic, and what channels will work best. A little research can go a long way and save you tons of headaches down the road.


This is where you set your goals and define how you will achieve them. Having a strategy gives you a starting point and direction for your social media execution. You should include information about what social media channels you will be using, when and how often you will post, the tonality of your posts, the types of content you will share, who is responsible for posting, and other relevant information.


Success is a good friend of action. At this stage you have already triumphed through the hard parts, now its time to put that knowledge into practice. Monitor and analyze as you go, making sure to have a little patience and to avoid making decisions with information or findings that are not based on enough analytical data.


After you have been implementing and executing your plan, you must be sure that you are maintaining it properly. This means checking to make sure you are reaching your goals, tracking data insights efficiently, paying attention to trends, and utilizing new or viral opportunities. A social media plan is not a stiff, unchangeable marketing execution. The social landscape is constantly changing and you need to make sure you can keep up and handle the ride.

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