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Top 3 Mistakes Made By Facebook Advertisers

Facebook ads can be a great way to connect with more of your current and potential customers. However, that does not mean that all Facebook ads are created equally. Many Facebook advertisers make the same mistakes over and over again, costing them more money and creating a disconnect for their customers. Listed below are the top 3 mistakes to avoid as a Facebook advertiser.

  1. Lack of proper ad targeting

    It’s truly unfortunate, but so many advertisers still fall under “the more, the merrier” mindset when it comes to ad targeting. They are so afraid of missing one potential customer that they feel it is better to pay to target nearly everyone. This has a few negative effects, first and foremost being that you are paying way more than you need to. You have to pay for all those impressions and clicks from uninterested people, often several times.

    The second major problem that this is creating is that you are sending annoying and irrelevant messages to people. If your ad shows up enough, they may be inclined to think bad things about your company and possibly could even influence their friends to think the same. All of this leads to bad business. Don’t be afraid to micro-target, you can expand as needed.

  2. Generic messages

    Generic ad copy is another huge waste of time and money for many companies. While your ads might be successful using the same copy over and over to target different markets, it is almost certain that you can improve your CTR with unique and customized copy. If you are targeting people in a different areas or with different interests, your ad copy should reflect that.

    Most businesses have multiple services or products, but fail to realize the difference to the customer. Let’s say you sell clothes online. Many Facebook advertisers out there would make one ad that claims they have awesome shirts out there. That’s great, but so do many other businesses, this doesn’t give the user a great reason to click on your ad. However, let’s say there is a classic rock section to your store (among other categories). Instead of making that generic ad and blasting it out to everyone, you would most likely have much greater success if you made your ad about classic rock tshirts and then targeted it to people who like classic rock. Repeat this for your other categories and you should be spending less while getting more clicks.

  3. Poor use of images

    Images are one of the most important assets to your limited ads. These are usually what will grab the readers eye and direct the user to reading your ad. Getting their attention with an image and using a related image that adds meaning to your ad are often two different things for many Facebook advertisers.

    You are limited to 25 characters for your title and 90 characters for your ad, so it is vital that you use your images wisely to create the most impact for your ads. Be sure to avoid using an eye catching image if it doesn’t add meaning to your ad, otherwise you will create a disconnect for the user and will most likely miss out on their business, even after they clicked your ad. Choose an image that compliments your ad copy, but also one that is fitting and evokes the feeling you would like for your brand.

What other big mistakes do you find Facebook advertisers making over and over? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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